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What amplifier is best for a subwoofer?

A subwoofer (or sub) is mainly a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in rate than those which can be (optimally) generated by a woofer.

An amplifier or amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of an input signal. It is a two-port electronic circuit that takes electric power from power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal which is applied to its input terminals, producing a proportionally higher amplitude signal compared to its input signal at its output. The amount of amplification is measured by its gain, which is the ratio of output voltage, current, or power to input. The amplifier is a circuit which has a power gain higher than one.

We have a list of some best quality subwoofer amplifiers:

1.     Rockford Fosgate PRIME R750-1D:

Rockford Fosgate has three car amp models named The Prime, the Punch, and the Power. 92% of customers who bought the Rockford Fosgate Prime 750 Watt Class D 1.

It’s top features are:

·       On-board Punch Equalization (PEQ) which delivers 18 decibels at 45 Hz

·       Frequency Response of 20 to 250 Hz

·       Variable low pass filter

·       Preamp levels inputs/outputs

·       Optional remote PEQ

·       RCA inputs

·       Adjustable Phase and Gain

2.     Pioneer GM D9601:

Pioneer is a highly respected name in the car audio business, and GM D9601 is an exemplary reason why they are among the best in the industry.

It’s top features are:

·       Class D technology making high energy efficiency with low deviation

·       Adjustable low-pass filter

·       Wired bass boost remote control

·       Frequency Response of 10 to 240 Hz

·       Preamp RCA outputs, daisy chain multiple amps with Speaker-level inputs for auto turn-on

·       Protection heat control system to prevent overheating and circuit shutdowns.

3.     Soundstream TA1.4000DL:

Soundstream has been since 1975, and the Tarantula is their most popular series.

It’s top features are:

·       Capable of 1ohm RMS power rating or 2000 RMS watts x 1 channel, minimum of 4 ohm or 700 RMS watts

·       Military-grade Surface Mount Technology (SMT) on its Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

·       Variable Bass Boost

·       Wired remote for bass level control

·       Variable low-pass filter

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio of 104 decibels

4.     JBL MS-A5001:

The JBL MS-A5001 adopted the digital signal processing technology or (DSP) for all its controls and compared to analog, has minimal audible noise.

It’s top features are:

·       RMS watts of 550 at 4 and 2 ohm

·       CEA-2006 compliant

·       Equipped with Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET

·       Soft Start Turn-On, rotary control

·       Preamp RCA outputs and daisy chain multiple amps

·       Triple protection circuitry

·       Wireless Remote for bass level input

·       Hi2 Setting

·       Frequency Response is 20 to 270 Hz

·       Built-in display showing Gain and Tone settings

·       Dual speaker outputs

·       Automatic signal sensing and turn-on

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio is 80 decibels

5.     Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D:

One particular aspect we appreciated with the BRX2400 was its easy installation, which was a harbinger of good things to come.

It’s top features are:

·       Minimum 850 RMS watts at 4 ohms

·       Ultra-Hi MOSFETS Circuit

·       Wired remote bass level control

·       10 AWG speaker output

·       Dual speaker outputs

·       Preamp RCA outputs which can go full range if connected to the input

·       3-way protection circuitry

·       Variable low pass filter

·       Variable Bass Boost

·       Variable subsonic filter

·       Frequency response of 10 to 250 Hz

·       Signal-to-Noise ratio of 95 decibels


Top 10 Best Car Stereos Reviews To Buy In 2019

Most drivers find it a challenging task to keep the focus on driving. A majority of them rely on music for this purpose. They do so for a good reason, though. It is a simple and easy way for them to fix their gaze in the straight direction with their hands on the steering wheel. When it comes to listening to music while driving, there are two popular options: stereos and music in various other formats.

What makes this possible? Of course, it happens due to the stereo system in cars. These days, a stereo system is not a luxury but a necessity. Apart from listening to music, it also enables a driver to perform various other tasks, including making calls and even watching videos by playing a CD.

We have a wide variety of stereo sets for cars with advanced features are available in the market these days. Also, this is the best place to buy car stereos.

List Of Top 10 Best Car Stereos For Buy

Products Name

Product Image


Pioneer AVH-1300NEX 

Alpine ILX-W650

 Pioneer AVH-600EX 

ATOTO A6 Double Din 

Pioneer AVH-210EX 

Freenavi for BMW E46 


Alpine CDE-172BT 

Pioneer Double-DIN In-Dash  

Pioneer AVH-X490BS

1.   Pioneer AVH-1300NEX 

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX 

NEX multimedia DVD receiver brings quality multimedia experience to life with its in-built Bluetooth, a 6.2-inch WVGA display, the Apple Carplay feature and a host of other features.

  It is compatible with AppRadio Mode+ and works like a breeze with Spotify and Pandora SiriusXM.

 Nex comes across as a complete product in the range with an intuitive and powerful touchscreen which speaks volumes for its quality with a top-notch performance.

  The user-interface of this product has been designed under the tablet and smartphone-driven life at present.

    With Nex, staying connected with the applications from Android and iOS platforms is an effortless experience. You can bring all your favorite applications from these operating systems on to the dashboard. Whether you wish to make a call or stream audio while driving,           you can do so without any hassle.

   The clarity and quality of sound produced by Nex will blow away your mind. More importantly, the device provides you more control to choose the songs or music from your smartphone, which you wish to play.

Now carry your favorite music player wherever you and play your preferred music with fantastic sound quality in the way you want. With a high-resolution FLAC up to 192kHZ/24 bit, Nex makes it possible to listen to your favorite songs in CD quality when you are on the move.

2.   Alpine ILX-W650

Alpine iLX-W650 7" Mech-Less Receiver Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

For music lovers who wish to enjoy AM/FM radio experience in a digital multimedia receiver, the innovative Alpine ILX-W650 Digital multimedia receiver is the right solution. Though It is not compatible with CD, it has other powerful features to make up for the deficit. For instance, it offers swipe controls and hands-free control for applications that belong to either the Android or iOS platform. You can activate the latter using your voice commands.

   Apart from listening to your favorite programs on AM/FM radio, you can also play your favorite MP3 songs from your smartphone via the in-built Bluetooth of the device.

    Also, you can connect apps like Spotify and Pandora to enhance your experience of listening to music.

    If you wish to have a tool at your disposal, which works just like your Android smartphone or iPhone, the Alpine ILX-W650 Digital multimedia receiver is the ideal product for you.

    It comes across with features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with USB connectivity to enable its uses. To operate the device in conjunction with an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or any other Apple device.

     If you rely on Google Assistant of Siri for everyday tasks, this device works perfectly well with this software.

3.   Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver 

Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash ReceiverPioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver is an innovative DVD receiver with a clear-resistive touchscreen which offers advanced features like color customization and 24-bit correct color panel display. The touchscreen of this product has a resolution of 800×400.

    Apart from enabling its users to make hands-free calls, it also allows its owners to enjoy music n high quality while on the move. It supports various audio formats plus WMV video playback format.

    If you carry a CD along with you, you play it using the Bluetooth DVD receiver product. It is tailor-made to provide excellent audio-video output for a top-notch CD viewing or listening experience. Do you wish to play your favorite music from your Android smartphone or iPhone? This device makes it possible to do so effortlessly.

   You can create a virtual DJ while playing the songs loaded in these devices. USB ports allow users to connect this device with their smartphone effortlessly.

    The extension cable has a suitable length for connecting a USB-enabled device with this device. Among apps, it is compatible with Appradio and Sirius Ready.

You need to be a little careful while using this device as it has chemicals that may lead to reproductive defects.

4.   ATOTO A6 Double Din 

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

ATOTO A6 is an innovative product in the range of stereo systems that are available for use these days. It makes its owner a winner on all the fronts with a whole range of features at the disposal.

   Apart from Bluetooth, it is also powered with WiFi connectivity to cater to the multimedia and internet connectivity-related needs of its users.

    The system supports GPS/navigation for a smooth driving experience. You can identify street locations with ease even if you are not thoroughly acquainted with a place.

     It has a powerful 7″ capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024*600 for a powerful performance.

   Whether you wish to use this device for your entertainment needs or other purposes. You can connect this device with your Android smartphone or iPhone with ease either via WiFi or using the USB port of this device.

    If you are using an Android smartphone or iPhone of a lower version, you do not need to worry about connecting it with the device.

    Apart from three USB interfaces, it also comes across with several slots for camera, audio, and video connectivity. Operating this stereo device is a breeze, and you do not need any technical knowledge to be able to run this device.

5.   Pioneer AVH-210EX 

Pioneer AVH-210EX 

Pioneer AVH-210EX stereo sports a 6.2″ WVGA touchscreen display with AM/FM tuner and in-built Bluetooth for a power-driven performance. With these features, you can bring your best multimedia feature to life while driving a car.

   Apart from CD support, it offers a wide range of audio and video playback options. What it means is that you do not need to settle for a codec which you are not aware of.

   It offers top-notch picture and sound quality, which makes this device one of the best in the business.

    If you are someone who is on the go, you can use the hands’ free option to make a call while driving your car. This device has a resistive touchscreen with a resolution of 800×480. You can also use this stereo device like a DVD player.

    The other advanced features of the equipment included excellent camera input, an outstanding communication range, and expandability options. Apart from being able to connect a video camera and game consoles, you can also combine two or more screens separately.

   Its replaceable serial ports make this device an excellent investment. Quality-wise, the device packs several features and comes with exceptional longevity.

    It has a sturdy build, coupled with a great design to give a premium feel to its users.

6.   Freenavi for BMW E46 

Freenavi for BMW E46 

This dominant radio player delivers a beast-like performance. Powered by Android 8.0, it can give any standard radio player a run for the money. The best part about this radio player is its power-packed octa-core processor which runs at 64 bit.

  For the fans of multimedia, its 4GB RAM provides enough juice to run several applications at once. Plus, it also comes with a 32 GB            ROM  which is good enough to store multiple multimedia files of good quality.

     That’s not all -it has some other impressive features that are on par with the other remarkable features of the device.

    You can play audio and video files in high definition, which is a bonus for any multimedia lover.

    It has screen mirroring feature which allows users to watch videos on the screen of the device instead of turning to the phone.

    It does not have a CD slot but has a DVD slot and nice radio signal receptors.

 It supports high-quality Bluetooth calls

   It also has a powerful processor, huge RAM, and ROM space

   It applies only to BMW E46 (1998-2005)

  UI is prone to damage if not handled with care


PIONEER MVH-200EX Double Din Bluetooth in-Dash Digital Media Car StereoPioneer’s MVH 200EX Bluetooth enabled car stereo sports a bright resistive touchscreen with a resolution of 800×400 with color customization option. Alongside a 24-bit right color panel, it provides a decent display.

  It offers a pleasant viewing experience. It does not support DVDs or CDs, though as some of the other stereo devices do.

 If you own an Android smartphone, playing music via this stereo device is a breeze.

    It recognizes the music files from a smartphone which belongs to the Android platform without any hassle. You can connect your mobile phone from this platform with the device effortlessly and enjoy your favorite music for hours while driving your car. In case you have an Apple device, you can also experience similar features as you would do via your Android smartphone.

    Apart from the fantastic sound quality of the stereo device, the other notable feature of the invention is that it has an excellent screen brightness and provides right viewing angles. So, there will be no visibility problem while using the device.

   It supports both USB and auxiliary capabilities to offer connectivity with tools.

   You will get a decent camera output while using the machine, which is a bonus for those who work with a camera.

8.   Alpine CDE-172BT 

Alpine CDE-172BT

Alpine CDE-172 BT is a stylish stereo device for modern cars. It has premium looks plus a wide range of features. Together, these aspects make the product the pick of the bunch.

  Apart from a CD receiver with the support for AM/FM radio, it offers support for MP3, FLAC, and WMA files. In conjunction with an LCD contrast with the color illumination feature and 1-line-display, it is the ideal solution to cater to your entertainment needs when you are on the go.

   Speaking of the smartphone features, this stereo device brings a plethora of features to the table. It supports smartphones that belong to both Android and iOS platforms.

   Apart from audio streaming, you can also use this device for hands-free calling without compromising with the voice quality. In terms of internet radio, it provides Pandora Internet Radio, which is good enough to give you a great radio experience on the internet.

   What’s more? You can even control the functionalities of your smartphone and iPhone with the remote control feature of this device.

    In terms of expandability, it provides auxiliary input as well as USB ports. A break-through product with 6-channel preamp outputs, it is compatible with Sirius XM satellite.

9.   Pioneer Double-DIN In-Dash  

Pioneer Double DIN In-Dash Built-in Bluetooth iPod iPhone HD Radio car stereo reciever

This stereo device from the Pioneer series is tailor-made for entertainment and is packed with powerful features such as audio functions, in-built Bluetooth, MIXTRAX, compatibility with ARC App, and so on.

  Speaking of audio features it has improved audio functionalities to fulfill the requirements of music lovers.

 Not only does it provide quality performance with its built-in HD radio, but it also supports various applications. For instance, it works like a breeze with apps like Spotify and Pandora.

The device brings a host of delight for those who use the iPhone and other Apple devices. It supports SiriusXM and provides connectivity with an iPhone or iPod with its dedicated USB ports.

  It is also compatible with FLAC audio playback and enables its users to alter the color of the text on the screen according to their preferences.

  With 210,000 color options, it has endless possibilities for color combinations. That’s not all; it also has options to control or manage the brightness settings. A user can alter the configuration as per their requirements and depending on what suits them.

   Color illumination and button illumination are the two dominant features of this Bluetooth enabled stereo device which separates it from other products in its category.

10.     Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din

The AVH-X49OBS by Pioneer is one of the best devices in the range of all the tools from the company. It has a beautiful 7-inch touch screen display, which is known to provide a rich viewing experience to its users. If you have been looking for a device which provides details of music files while you play them, then this is the device you should consider.

   This is the ultimate device for those who are well-acquainted with the functionalities of iPhone, iPods, and other Apple devices. Among modern features, it supports CD playing.

   It comes across as a complete multimedia package with quality audio and video output.

    The wired USB connection technology of the device has been tailor-made to provide crisp and clear sound quality. So you can get the best experience of playing a song from an Apple device.

  The time alignment feature of the invention makes it a great experience to listen to songs without compromising the music quality.

    It supports FLAC codec in addition to other kinds of audio codec. It combines them with the powerful DVD receiver from the same brand to deliver a powerful performance.

    With the 1amp of current from the device, you can also consider setting your Apple device on charge when you are on the go.



How to install a car stereo in your car?

If you have got a new stereo for your car and you are planning to install it, then here is how you can get started:

•   Firstly, you need to pull the hand brakes and remove the old stereo if you have one in your car.

•   Now for installing the new one, you need to match the wires present in the original radio harnesses with the cables of the car’s harnesses. You can also consider reading the manual for the same.

•   Now, if you have a separate mounting kit, you need to assemble the same by reading out the instructions for its assembly.

•   After this, you need to put in the power source by connecting the cables.

•   Once you are done with the connections, you need to ground your car stereo further. The ground connection is essential to ensure optimal performance of your new car stereo.

•   Now after getting your cables connected right, you can also fasten the other wires by attaching the stereo adapter to the car harness and plugging in the antenna cable.

•   Ensure that all the wires are correctly affixed and no wiring is left unattended.

•   Now put on the power and test your new stereo if it is functioning correctly or not.

•   Now if your radio is working correctly, mantle the stereo in its place and connect all the components.

After performing all these steps, now you are all set to enjoy your new stereo while you drive your way.



What to consider before Purchasing a car stereo?

Are you bored with your old car stereo? Are you planning to update your radio with the latest features and planning to buy a new one? Here is a quick guide to reference when you are purchasing a car stereo:

Speaker type

It is believed that component speakers can give the best sound quality. So opt for speakers that have component speakers. You can also consider picking up a full range speaker if you want a stereo that can produce a sound of any range. Also, they are easy to install and economical.

Speaker sound quality

You need to understand that a speaker gives out the better sound quality of the range of the speakers is wide. The peak frequency is 20KHz, and the lowest rate is 10HZ. So choose your stereos keeping this constraint in mind.

Integration with your smartphone and apps

Today is the technological era and being in your car, you may want the playlist in your smartphone to be played in your car with full swing. So if you are a thorough music freak and love your playlist, ensure that the stereo is compatible with your smartphone and allows operation using Bluetooth or plug-in cables.

GPS and navigation

Car audio can do more than playing music; they can also help you get to the right place without being lost in your way. So make a stereo selection that can also offer you GPS and navigation.

Power handling

Check out the power handling capacity of the stereos before buying it. Opt for maximum RMS while making your selection.

Two way and three-way speakers

Two-way speakers come with woofer and twitter. On the other hand, three-way speakers come with woofer, twitter, and a mid-range component. So the call is yours on which one you want in your car.


Cost is another crucial factor to consider. If you are strict on budget, make sure that you make a choice that does not lay stress on your pockets

So these were a few primary considerations that you need to look for while making a stereo selection for your car.



What is the best in double Din car stereo?

Double DIN’s measure twice the size of a single DIN stereo. Double DIN’s are always preferred over the single DIN’s. Here are a few things that are best in buying a double DIN stereo:

•   The best part of having a double DIN stereo is its display which offers you high-quality sound. It also looks appealing and is easy to use.

•   A double DIN stereo unit can be integrated with smartphones and also has a camera option making it more functional.

•   A double Din has easy controls and comes with an HD video screen.

•   It offers advanced connectivity and a digital display that is easy to use.



Double din V/S single din car stereos – Which is right for you?

DIN stands for Deutsches Institute for Normung and is supposed to be a standard for determining the car stereos while creating the stereo head. The double-DIN stereo stands out as the main variants among the two DIN’s, i.e., single DIN and double DIN. Double DIN’s is like combining two single DIN in a stack. In simple word you can say that the size of double DIN’s is twice the size of single DIN’s. Double DIN’s measure 100mm in height and 150mm long.

So when you sit down to compare between the two, you can conclude that a Double Din stereo has more features in comparison to its single DIN’s. The primary reason behind this is the size of the double Din, which is almost twice its counterpart. Also does a double-DIN offer more smart options such as camera, smartphone integration, and better user experience. There is no harm in moving from a double Din to single DIN. There are hardly any differences between the two. Single DIN’s can also offer you quality sound. the only thing is that double DIN’s are an updated version of single-DIN and can provide you with additional features.



With an overwhelming number of choices these days, choosing the best stereo system is easier said than done. That said, you can simplify matters for yourself to a greater extent by considering your preferences.

You can rely on the above list of the top 10 best car stereos 2019 as it consists of units that are available under an affordable price bucket. Notwithstanding the reasonable price tag, these products have all the features that one generally looks for in a car stereo system these days.

Whether you are looking for the best multimedia experience or convenience while using an application, these devices will not disappoint you on any front. Regardless of whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, a majority of these stereo systems are compatible with both operating systems. Plus, they also support wireless internet. Weigh the features of these devices against your requirements to make an informed decision.


Difference between 4 channel amp and 5 channel amp

4-Channel Amplifier

The main thing in a 4 channel amp puts out equal power in four separate channels. At its most basic, a 4 channel amp can be easily used to power two pairs of full-range speakers.

A 4 channel amp starts to show their versatility when they are bridged. This involves combining the power from two of the channels into a single channel. Many 4 channel amplifier is bridgeable to three or even in two-channel amplifiers. In a 3-channel configuration, you can send power for a subwoofer from the bridged channels and two channels remaining to power a pair of speakers. it is bridged down to two channels, the amp will provide power to two subwoofers, or a single dual-voice-coil subwoofer.

Why do you want one? The difference even a small amplifier makes compared to what is often referred to as “deck power” from a factory radio can be amazing, especially when you upgrade from your OEM speakers. An un-bridged 4 channel amplifier gives you a great deal of control over the balance and fade of your speakers. The 4 channel amp also provides more punch for the mid-bass sound. Bridging often produces more power than the simple sum of the two channels for a woofer.

Here’s a word about bridging: it can be tricky. Not all amplifiers are built to be bridged, and not all bridgeable amps go about it exactly the same way. When you bridge an amplifier you change the impedance of the amplifier. There is a danger of damaging the amp, speakers or both. Check the owner’s manual before you start, and if it still looks puzzling, get expert help.

5-Channel Amplifier

5-Channel amplifiers are designed for complete system amplification. These amps have 4 channels dedicated to speakers and a single channel dedicated to a subwoofer. These 5 channel amplifiers make amplifying an entire vehicle easy and with the installation of only a single amplifier which is quite easy and you can get a 5 channel amplifier at an affordable price nowadays. You can buy it online or offline.

If you have four door speakers and a sub, there’s quite a good chance that you’ll need two amps (maybe a 4-channel and a 1-channel) to drive the system to its optimum performance. Before the introduction of 5 channel amps, car audio lovers would install two amps in the past days to enjoy better music in their cars. Today, 5 channel amps are used to provide the benefits that come with using multiple amps. They save on space, time, and money. The 5 channel amp also has some attractive features like Bridgeable, tri-mode operation, fills your car with loads of punch, Simple connection and tuning, massive power output, Easy to use controls, highly versatile to suit a wide range of systems. The new generation amplifiers are also can be provided with Advanced Rollback Protection (ARP), Ultra-high energy efficiency, Remote bass level control, Weather-resistant by which music is on the go, Great sound amplification that gives clean, non-distorted sound, best gauge wire.


Getting an ideal amplifier for your favorite car and how do you mount it both are a very tough job because we have a variety of amplifiers which can make a drive smooth. Nowadays, the biggest challenge is choosing between a 4-channel and 5- channel amplifier. Both have their own pros and cons like a 4-channel amp is bridgable where a 5-channel amp cannot do that. It also varies with 4-door and a 2-door car, if you have a family four-door car then you must go with a 5-channel amp because it will provide enough amplification to all of your speakers and subwoofer. where if you have 2 door car then you must go with a 4 channel amplifier. With a 4 channel amplifier, you can bridge it to the other subwoofer and can have the best bass you want.


Which amplifier is good for bass?

A bass amplifier or “bass amp” is an electronic musical device that uses electric power to make lower-pitched instruments such as the bass guitar or double bass to loud enough by which it can be heard by the performers and audience. As per experts of car fellas, bass amplifiers are typically consisting of a pre-amplifier, tone controls, a power amplifier and one or more loudspeakers in a cabinet.

There are so many types of bass amplifiers are available in the market online or offline that is mentioned below:

Mono channel:

Mono channel amplifiers are also known as class d amplifiers; these tend to produce a bit more power than the dual-channel model. Mono channel amps consist of multiple transistors, however, they are generally either in an on or off position.


You can power two speakers in a dual channel to get more of a surround sound output, and can also handle subwoofers with ease. These are good for trucks or vehicles with no trunk space. In this, you can use both channels to power one speaker/ subwoofer to get maximum output.


In these types of amplifiers, you will get two types of circuitry in one amplifier. This is mainly for trucks or SUVs with no room to trunk to spare.


As per the name, this amplifier has four channels. You can pack a full speaker system and support it with four channels; these are ideal for those who want to turn their trunk area into an audio arena.


A five-channel amp work in the same way that a three-channel system works, a five-channel has four channels and the fifth channel gives power to the subwoofer. Odd-numbered systems sometimes can be plain, so be sure it is that you really want to purchase and then you have to buy it.


This is a rare type of amplifier. These are mostly found in large SUVs or Humvees for max power, audio, and sound quality.

These are some list of the car amp for bass:

Rockford Fosgate Ultra-Compact Amp

Key features:

  • Four channels. This means you’ll never need a larger system.
  • Total RMS 300
  • High and low DC inputs give control


  • Brand: Rockford Fosgate
  • Model: PBR300X4

JL Audio Slash Mono

Key features:

  • 600 watts RMS
  • Low-pass filter
  • 4 – gauge power and ground lead


  • Brand: JL Audio
  • Model: SLASH 600/1V3

Alpine 4 – Channel Car Amplifiers

Key features:

  • Same power as 4 channel but 40% less size
  • 75W / 300 total RMS
  • Simplistic interface w/ attractive price


  • Brand:  Alpine
  • Model: ALPINE – MRV –F300

Rockford Fosgate Prime 1

Key Features:

  • unique integrated protection prevents surges/ circuits from being damaged.
  • onboard punch equalizer
  • world-class bass boost


  • brand Rockford Fosgate
  • Mode R1200 – 1D

Alpine 5 – channel Extreme Power:

Key features:

  • quick – connect speaker connection technology
  • front panel controls on this stackable design
  • 100W RMS X 4


  • Brand: Alpine
  • Model: PDX – V9


How Do I Mount My Car Amp?

If you’re looking to mount your current car amp or even replace your old system, but don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry in this post we going to cover all of the basics of where to mount and how to wire the amplifier. So let’s get started.

Quick Tips To Install Amplifier

Step 1 — Disconnect the power supply 

First of all, you need to set up the parking brake. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal from the battery to prevent any electrical shocks. Before doing this that make sure you know how to reactivate your radio.

Step 2 — Mount your amplifier

Choose the place where you want to mount your amplifier. After that Mount that properly in your chosen place.

Step 3 — Install the power wire

The power wire from your amp wiring kit needs to pass through the firewall. Put it through an empty unused rubber grommet in the firewall or cables passing through it and that has enough room for the power wire to fit through too. If you haven’t any existing grommet, then you need to drill a hole through the firewall. Also, you can paint the hole’s edges to protect against rust and put a rubber grommet in the hole to keep the wire from chaffing.

Step 4 — Install the fuse holder

In your amp wiring kit, you may have a fuse holder installed. If so, go to Step 5. If not, then follow this- find a good spot close to your battery terminal to install an inline fuse holder for the power line.

Step 5 — Connect the power wire

After installing the fuse holder connect the power wire to the amplifier.

Plastic wire ties loom provides added protection for your wire against the high heat inside the engine compartment.

Step 6 — Setup The Ground Wiring

Find a bolt to your car’s metal frame to use for ground as near to the amplifier’s location as possible. If you haven’t any ground screw or bolt, drill a hole. Be careful do not drill into any wiring, the gas tank, or a gas or brake line.

Step 7 — Install the remote turn-on wire

The turn-on wire or the remote wire is located behind the stereo. This wire comes with blue and white color. This remote wire will send a signal to your amplifier to turn on whenever the vehicle or the stereo is powered up.

Step 8 — Making the signal connections

Route the patch cables to the opposite side of the vehicle from the power cable to separate the patch cables from the power wires as much as possible to avoid potential noise problems.


Follow these above-mentioned steps and install your amplifier in no time. But to get the best sound quality, you must have an accurate and good amplifier for getting top bass quality. You can check out our another post Which amplifier is good for bass? So what are you waiting for? Install your amp and get the best sound experience now!