Top 10 Best Car Audio Amplifiers ever made

Enhance the quality of the audio system of your car with the best car amplifier system. It considered as the heart of the stereo that enables it to deliver the quality sound experience. But this can only happen if you choose the right one. Because in the case of choosing the wrong model can lead you to the distorted sound and it may also not able to handle the stereo system of your car. Hence it is essential to look at each and every detail of the car amp before considering it. There are a ton of car amplifiers are available in the market but which one is a good fit for you? To choose the best model, you have to dig into the several factors that we have mentioned below.

So here we have reviewed the top 10 brands of the car amplifiers for your convenience and provides the entire essential information to make your purchasing decision easier.

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Products Name

Product Image


Channel Offered


Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000

KENWOOD KAC-9106D 2000 Class D Monoblock  

Rockville RXH-F5 3200

Rockville RXH-F5 3200 Class A/B 5-Channel  

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Class D Monoblock  

Rockville dB55 4000

ROCKVILLE DB55 4000 Class A/B 5-Channel  

Alpine PDX-V9

ALPINE PDX-V9 Class D 5-Channel  

Rockville 4000 Watt

Rockville 4000 Watt Class D Monoblock  

Alpine MRV-F300

Alpine MRV-F300 Class D 4-Channel  

Planet Audio AC1800.5

Planet Audio Class A/B 5-Channel  

Rockford Fosgate R300X4

Rockford Fosgate Class A/B 4-Channel  

Pioneer GM-A6704

Pioneer GM-A6704 multi- channel 4-Channel  

List of 10 best Car Audio brands


 Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000 Watts Class D Car Amplifier 

Kenwood is one of the finest car amp brands that allow you to enjoy its benefits for long years. One thing that is worth our appreciation is its core features and performance along with its brutish nature. Kenwood KAC9106D is such a type of amplifier that has the ability to deliver the highest quality sound power that needs to be quenched. Surprisingly, Kenwood models are not as expensive you may think which makes it the most competitive model as compared to other barbaric monoblocks.

Features of the Kenwood KAC9106D

It delivers 2000W maximum power output

Built-in 100dB1 low pass with 50 – 200 Hz (-24 dB / oct.)1 and 20 – 50 Hz (-24 dB / oct.)1 infrasonic filter

4 ohms 500W x 1; 2 ohms 1000W x 1 input power ability

It comes with the amazing bass boost function with 40 Hz (0 – +18 dB) 1

Offers 2Ω Load capacity with (W)13-3/16″ x (H)2-3/16″ x (D)7-9/16″1 size

The dimensions of the amplifier is Size(inch): (W)13-3/16″ x (H)2-3/16″ x (D)7-9/16″1

Outstanding designs at affordable costs

If you want a pleasurable sound experience, then this mono subwoofer amplifier would be a smart option for you. Its great compact design is the perfect fit for any vehicle. Because of its not so good bass, it got some negative reviews and because of it, we rate this amplifier as 4.5/5 star.


 Rockville RXH-F5 3200 Watt Peak Car Stereo Amp

Rockville is the well-known manufacturers of the audio devices allow consumers to get the rich experience of the highest quality amplifiers. They bring superb devices that are not only great in look but also available in invincible prices. Rockville RXH-F5 is also one of their incredible creations that come with the effortlessly durable body and terrific sound experience.

Features of the Rockville RXH-F5

It is a 3200 Watt peak/1600x RMS stereo car amplifier also comes along with the CEA compliant power rating 4 Ohms: 550 Watts (4 x 50 Watts + 1 x 350) at 4 ohms and 1% THD+N. 2

It offers high-speed MOSFET power supply. It comes with 5 channels 1 through 4 are class A/B and channel 5 is mono class “D”. 

Studio-Grade Bipolar Output Stage Transistors available

It offers 12dB / Octave Crossover adjustable feature with Differential Circuitry.

Furthermore, its auto starts smart turn on function makes it a better option than other devices.

It consists of full IC-Controlled protection circuitry and remote dashboard subwoofer control features.

Another benefit of this amplifier is that it is a fully adjustable bass equalization control system.

The OHMS is 800 Watts (4 x 75 Watts + 1 x 500) at 2 ohms and 1% THD+N. RMS Power Ratings. 4 Ohms: 1100 Watts (4 x 100 watts + 1 x 700 Watts) and other one is 1600 Watts (4 x 150 watts + 1 x 1,000 Watts).

Rockville stereo is surely the best budget car amplifier for the budget conscious people. The flawless design and solid body make this five-channel car stereo amplifier superior to any other audio gear.


 Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate is the smartest series of the mono channel amplifier with a class-D topology that can drive a subwoofer with 300 Watt RMS. So this device will surely provide the rocking bass experience. It considered as an ideal companion for those who tend to have two amplifiers. One is for the highs and the other one is for the subwoofer. Apart from that this car amp includes Punch Bass, crossovers, and infrasonic filters to provide the ultimate music experience. Now it’s time to get the technical features of this Rockford audio amplifier.

Features of the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D                          

It comes with the 300 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohms and 500 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohms

The frequency of this device is 20Hz to 250Hz +/-1dB

4 AWG power wire gauge with class-D amplifier design

MOSFET power supply

18dB boost at 45Hz on-board Punch EQ

mV to 4 V input sensitivity

Made with the caste aluminum heat sink along with the top-mounted control panel

The dimensions rely on between 8.50 L x 6.80 W x 2.00 H inches

Incredibly inexpensive prices

User-manual is also included in this package

 Fosgate R500X1D is a leading amplifier includes a wired remote that comes with the punch level control. The flawless model designed to lessen the current consumption from the charging system. There are a ton of admirers of this device is available in all over the world. Its list of astonishing features and excellent performance make it worth getting 4.5/5 stars.


 Rockville dB55 4000 Watt Car Stereo Amp, Loud!!

Rockville DB55 is another spectacular car audio amp by the Rockville. Just like the Rockville Fosgate, it is also fully fledged with the list of amazing features that make it the best selection for those who love to enjoy the music while driving.  It is the 5 channel car amplifier deliver an equal amount of sound to all the car subwoofers. It delivers the 4000 Watts or 2000 Watts RMS class AB 2 OHM along with the amazing optical coupler technology. If you want a louder and supreme bass amplifier in your pocket-friendly budget, then go with the Rockville DB55 amplifier. Let’s take deep information about the features and benefits of the Rockville DB55 amps.

Features of the Rockville DB55

5 channel amplifier with superb performance ability

High-speed MOSFET power supply

Fully adjustable differential circuitry octave crossover

IC controlled protection circuitry

Remote Dashboard Subwoofer Control

Mute and delay soft start system

Deliver 2000 Watts power to the subwoofer

Well protected circuit board

Also, user-manual or instruction included

Versatile and flexible device


Rockville is the best value car amp that is available at the market’s leading price. Furthermore, it is made with the highly durable and quality parts and components that deliver the best ever sounding output. It works well with the DB of sound to provide the magnificent sound and bass performance. It would be the best-rated amplifier with the 4.5/5 star rating.


 Alpine PDX-V9, 5-Channel Extreme Power Density Digital Amplifier

 Experience the rich sound quality with the Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier. It provides a clearer and better sound quality that meets all the requirements of the audio enthusiastic. It is known as the best amp to use to enhance the bass power. A really good amplifier must have an ability to handle any kind of speakers and deliver quality performance and that’s why people love to have this model for their cars. So if you want to upgrade your sound system, then this PDX-V9 amplifier is the perfect option for you. This amp has the ability to work perfectly with any kind of speakers. In short, it is a fully compact and versatile device that will work perfectly with your entire car and the subs as well.

Features of the Alpine PDX-V9

It is a class D amp that can work with the one power cable instead of the splitters so it can save plenty of money that may need to spend on the splitters.

Easy to install and remove device

It is a 5 channel power density digital amplifier

Quick speaker connection ability

Stackable installation design

Compact and beautiful looking model

Supports well with the speakers and subs

The only thing that it needs to improve is its mounting option. So after reviewing its quality sound and overall performance, we will give it 4.5 /5 stars.


 Rockville 4000 Watt Class D 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp (dB14)

Rockville is the synonym of the excellence that develops the world’s best audio amplifiers to deliver the absolutely stunning sounding experience. It’s simple sleek design and exclusive components give you a home theatre feel in your car. It is a high power class-D monoblock comes with the 2000 Watts output and optical coupler technology. Its CEA-2006 compliant feature makes it the superior model than any other CEA compliant amplifier. This car audio amp is the best value device at an affordable price.

Features of the Rockville DB14 4000Watt

Prompt MOSFET power supply

Class-D optical coupler technology

Adjustable octave crossover with differential circuitry

Phase control switch and IC control protection circuitry

Remote dashboard controlled the subwoofer

Mute/Delay soft start system

Dimensions of the device are (W x H x L) 9˝ x 2.4˝ x 15.5˝.

8 Volt Preamp Circuitry

Manual provided with the model

Low Pass Filter: 50Hz – 250Hz and Subsonic Filter: 15Hz – 55Hz

8 Volts preamp circuitry

Frequency Response: 10Hz – 500Hz

Rockville known for their innovative and quality devices and this one is from their amazing creations. It has passed all the security and quality standards so that you can get the ultimate sound bass experience. When it comes to durability, then you need to be relaxed because all the devices are highly durable so we will give 5 out 5 stars.


 Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier, 50 Watts RMS x 4

If you have no much budget, but still want something that compliments your bass, then Alpine will be the smartest option for you. They always provide the eventual audio devices so that people can get the cherished music sound. Alpine MRV F-300 is the 4 channel amplifier that makes you able to cherish the music in any vehicle. It is a great looking and compact amplifier that offers great flexibility to the user. Its overall construction is simply awesome made with the Class-D technology to deliver the super amazing bass performance. By comparing this model with other amplifiers, we found it far better in quality and performance as compared to other models. There are several factors are available that are mention below:

Features of the Alpine MRV F-300

Its compact size is a huge benefit

Uses class-D technology

Great performance and quality sound

Flexible audio control features

Quick installation process

Works well with the factory stereo

1-year warranty

High-level speaker input

User-manual available

Furthermore, you will get a 7.5” speaker level input harness, 2 snap terminal covers, and Alpine verification certificate with your package. It is a hassle-free device prepared with the top-rated material for long-lasting working life. Now you don’t need to pay too much to get the superb quality sound experience. This Alpine amplifier deserves to get the 5 out of 5 stars. Isn’t cool?


 Planet Audio AC1800.5 Anarchy 1800 Watt Car Amplifier 

Planet Audio AC 1800 is the show stopper among all the list of the top car amplifiers. Being the best amplifier, it offers versatility and flexibility comes with the 1800 Watts with the MOSFET power supply to deliver the clear and powerful sound. Apart from that low and high pass crossover also available to customize the sound. In short, this Anarchy series of the car amplifier allows you to customize the sound as per your requirements like a mobile anarchist. Now get ready to modernize the audio experience with the Planet Audio AC 1800.5.

Features of the Planet Audio AC 1800

Full range of the A/B audio amplifier is available

It has high & low-level inputs

High pass crossover and bass boost variable accessible

Comes with the remote to control the subwoofer

Blue color logo illustrate on the model which looks classy

Dimensions: Depth 19.7” x Width 10” x Height 2.4”

6-year warranty

This superb design allows you to flexibly control your own music. The high pass filter makes you able to control the frequencies. It also has a list of positive reviews on Amazon. So this kind of incredible device with the superb reviews at the affordable price would surely be a perfect music partner of you. Our experts give it 4/5 stars.


Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier

Rockford is the adorable compact size car amplifier that can drive your subwoofers with 50 Watt RMS. This Rockford R300X4 is designed with the heavy cast-aluminum chassis that prevent the model to get heat up and can run for a long span of time. It also has built-in sensors that used to track the output of the device and the power supply temperature. This feature makes this amp shot circuit free so that you can take pleasure of your favorite music while driving any vehicle. 

Features of the Rockford Fosgate R300X4

4 channel audio car amp

Amplifier with the 50 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms

High and low pass filter for front and rear channel

MOSFET power supply available

Great frequency response which is 20-20K Hz

Preamp and speaker level input

Cast aluminum heatsink

Mount control features

Class A/B circuit topology available

1-year warranty included

Dimensions: 13.2″W x 6.8″D x 2″H

Comes with the short-circuit protection

User – manual available

Amplifier verification certification included

Highly competitive price

Now you can see that this amp comes with ample of features and benefits. So considering this amp will surely prove a beneficial decision of yours. Its price is unbeatable to provide the peerless sound. It also has several positive reviews but due to some of the negative reviews, we will give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier with Bass Boost

Do you want to enjoy the music on the long drive? But subwoofer does not deliver the quality sound? Then you should consider the Pioneer GM A6704. Here we have provided several reasons to go with this model. This rocking Pioneer drives the power to the front and rear speaker with the 60 watt RMS which is much better than the others. It means you will hear each and every detail of the music with a clear and loud sound. It is a highly versatile 4 channel amp support all the subwoofers of the vehicle. Switchable high pass and low pass filters to get the sizzling sound. This Pioneer amp works brilliantly to provide high power performance. Apart from that, it offers easy to mount to any car or vehicle.

Features of the Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Drives 1000 Watts max power to the bass

Comes with the automatic signal sensing

Turn On / Mute button available

High pass filter for better performance

Adjustable baas boos system

4 channel audio amplifier

Complaint with CEA 2006

Speaker level input accessible

Recommended 8 gauge power and ground leads

1-year warranty

60 money back guarantee is also available

User-manual is also available

Dimension rely between 14.1 x 8.5 x 2.4 in

This flawlessly designed and compact Pioneer GM-A6704 allows you to connect with in front and subwoofer in the rear. It is surely the best value device that you can have at your budget. You just need to pay some additional bucks on the wiring and hardware of the amplifier otherwise; it will surely meet your entire requirements. So we will rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

 What points to keep in mind before making your final choice?

Car amps became a hot topic of audio system industry because it allows the user to enjoy every beat of the music without paying many bucks on it. It makes the sound louder and clearer. Here we have mentioned a few of the factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing it.

  • Channel
  • Power
  • Size

Channel: Car audio amplifier comes with the selection of the channel options. Some come with the 3, 4 channel and the 5 channels as well. So it basically depends on your requirements. We have provided all the car amps with the different channel features so you can choose any of them. These channels may differentiate between each other on the basis of the power and the audio quality.

Power: If you love to hear louder music, then you should have to think twice on the power of the amplifier. Check that power ability of the amp if it has an ability to deliver peak performance or not.  It is one of the major factors that you need to consider while making your decision of buying it.  

Size: To choose the size, first you need to think that you want to install it under the seat or want to cover the half of your vehicle. After that, you can select any size so that you can satisfy your needs. Note that size may impact on the cost and performance of the device.


Types of the class amplifier and which one is the best?

We all know that every car audio amplifier is not similar. Their performance, output, size, and so many things make them different from each other. Similarly, the class amplifier is also having distinct varieties that are classified as per the circuit configuration and operation method.  Some of the classifications varied from linear operation with the low-level efficiency and on the other hand, few of them are entirely non-linear with the higher efficiency whereas others may also compromise with them. It is basically divided into the few types. Class A, B, AB, C, and so on. Class A amplifiers considered as the best amplifiers than other classes because of its excellent linearity, high power, and stumpy signal distortion. Class –C is also commonly used amplifiers that have high frequency and heavy distortion. Furthermore, there are also several classes includes Class – D which is a non-linear amplifier that holds a 100% efficiency. So as you can see that there is a number of different class amplifiers are available ranges from the linear to non-linear amplifiers. So it is advisable to choose wisely from them.


How to match Subwoofers with Amplifiers?

This might make you little puzzled while choosing the amplifier. It is important that the compatibility of the amplifier must match with the subwoofer capacity to get the ultimate sound performance. You can start by matching X Watts RMS with the Y OHMS. Chiefly, it is vary as per the amplifier’s channel. Make sure your selected amplifier’s channel must have equal power of the subwoofer. One thing that you need to take note that underwired subwoofer performs well as compared to the overpowered. There is also a possibility to get burst. Hence, it is essential to power up the subwoofer according to the channel power.

For example, three subwoofers are a perfect match with the channel amplifier. But in the case of having one channel amplifier but has three subwoofers, then what would you do? All you just have to attach all the subwoofers in a parallel manner. It is that simple. The total power of the subwoofer should be alike the amplifier’s power. So if you have 3 channel amplifiers that run on 600 Watts, then you should have three subwoofers of each 200 Watts.


Why you should have a car stereo amplifier?

Car stereo amplifier comes with ample benefits for the music lovers. If you want to cherish every beat of the music, then amplifiers would be the smart choice for you. It delivers higher quality sound and superior impact. Now let me tell you some of the major benefits of the amplifier so that you can get the clear clue of having an amplifier or not.

There are different kinds of sound you may have to hear while driving. Whether this sound comes from the air conditioning, noisy engine or even from the busy traffic, consequently it will be hard to hear the music. But when you have an amplifier in your car, nothing can interrupt the sound. It will eliminate the disturbance and unwanted sounds so that you can get superb sound quality. Apart from that, you can find the multiple channel amplifier which offers adaptability and several other added benefits.



So here is a wrap-up! We know considering the car amplifiers from the list of options is tricky, but we hope our buyer guide will shed some light in picking the best suitable car amplifier for the money. Here we have mentioned several car amps brands for your consideration, but make sure to select the car amplifier as per your sub-woofer and other music preferences.